Top programming languages: C's days at the top are numbered as Python comes for the crown

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The latest TIOBE scale features a fig of surges, shakeups and tumbles, arsenic assorted languages emergence successful the rankings and others spot marked twelvemonth implicit twelvemonth standing gains.


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Each month, TIOBE releases an scale detailing the apical programming languages and these regular updates item granular shifts successful this ever-evolving landscape. As TechRepublic antecedently reported, past month's scale showcased "booming" AI and information mining programming languages and TIOBE's latest September roundup features a competitory logjam astatine the top, arsenic a longtime challenger comes for the crown.

Top programming languages: C, Python and Java

The choky three-language horserace betwixt C, Python and Java remains adjacent successful TIOBE's September index. Overall, C tops the latest rankings with an 11.83% rating, representing a year-over-year alteration of 4.12%. Despite this marked decline, C was inactive capable to borderline retired runner-up Python with the No. 2 touting an 11.67% and a year-over-year summation of 1.20%.

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"Python has ne'er been truthful adjacent to the fig 1 presumption of the TIOBE index. It lone needs to span 0.16% to surpass C. This mightiness hap immoderate clip now," said Paul Jansen, CEO TIOBE Software, successful a blog station astir the latest index. "If Python becomes fig 1, a caller milestone has been reached successful the TIOBE index. Only 2 different languages person ever been starring the battalion truthful far, i.e. C and Java. Let's spot what happens adjacent month."

Compared to September 2020, the 4th done seventh positions stay unchanged, featuring C++, C#, Visual Basic and JavaScript, successful order. Since past September, No. 8 Assembly Language has surged six spots (1.12%), present boasting a 2.42% standing and No.9 PHP has dropped a spot during this clip play with a 1.85% rating. Next, SQL rounds retired the apical 10 with a 1.80% rating, the aforesaid presumption the programming connection held successful TIOBE's September 2020 rankings.

Over the past year, Classic Visual Basic has surged 0.77% (11 spots) and present holds the No. 11 presumption with a 1.52% standing conscionable up of No. 12 Groovy (1.46%). It's important to enactment that Groovy's standing has accrued 0.48% implicit the past year; 1 of the largest year-over-year surges successful the apical 20 aft Python, C#, Visual Basic, Classic Visual Basic and Fortran. (More connected Fortran's ascent successful a bit.)

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In order, Ruby, Go and Swift clasp positions 13 done 15, akin to the aforesaid positions these languages held successful September 2020. In the latest index, No. 16 MATLAB carries a 1.02% rating, conscionable capable to outlast surging Fortran successful the 17th position; year-over-year Fortran has leap-frogged 20 spots with a 0.65% standing summation implicit this clip period. No. 18 R and No. 19 Perl person some recorded marked year-over-year declines, dropping 9 and 6 positions, respectively. Delphi/Object Pascal rounds retired the apical 20 with a 0.77% rating, up 9 positions and 0.24% since past September.

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