launches online notebooks for site reliability engineers

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This automated remediation instrumentality creates online versions of runbooks and tin grounds debug sessions to seizure champion practices.


Shoreline Notebooks is the archetypal purpose-built notebooks for debugging and
repairing accumulation infrastructure.


Incident automation institution has a caller instrumentality for tract reliability engineers: Notebooks. This online instrumentality captures debug information successful existent clip and records fleetwide repair commands. Notebooks besides tin beryllium tied to alarms, making it easier to resoluteness incidents.

The Notebooks tin grounds repair sessions on with the information utilized by the on-call team. These recordings tin beryllium utilized for grooming and for post-mortem analyses of information and different incidents.

Anurag Gupta, laminitis and CEO of Shoreline, said successful a property merchandise that the caller work combines documented champion practices with real-time diagnostic data.  

"Just arsenic Jupyter Notebooks transformed information science, Shoreline Notebooks are transforming on-call operations," helium said. "Our Notebooks marque it easier to onboard caller squad members and to safely empower everyone on-call."

Data scientists usage Jupyter Notebooks to make and stock documents that incorporate unrecorded code, equations, visualizations and communicative text. This unfastened root web exertion makes it casual to extract information with codification and collaborate with different information scientists. 

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Runbooks bash thing akin for sys admins and tract reliability engineers but these documents are often static files. These notation books see procedures to start, halt and debug a strategy and tin beryllium carnal books oregon physics files. Shoreline's Notebooks marque these guides disposable connected the web and much interactive.

Gupta is acquainted with the challenges of keeping unreality deployments up and running, arsenic helium was a vice president astatine AWS for astir 8 years and ran the analytic and relational database services connected the AWS Database team. He founded to marque managing a fleet of servers arsenic casual arsenic moving with a azygous container and to physique tract reliability tools that makes fixing a occupation permanently arsenic casual arsenic fixing it the archetypal time.

Pros and cons of automated remediation

Naveen Chhabra, a elder expert for infrastructure and operations, said Shoreline offers a level that helps remediate operational issues automatically. The institution focuses connected nationalist unreality assets and services, arsenic compared to different vendors that person served information centers.

Chhabra said that automated remediation tools tin present important worth but sometimes neglect to bash so. 

"Automated remediation tin lone beryllium applied to known issues and known resolutions," helium said. "If immoderate of these 2 variables are unknown, automated solution volition hardly adjacent determination a step."

Tech silos inactive exist, which is simply a occupation for processing solutions that necessitate important organizational collaboration crossed galore teams, including infrastructure, applications, security, operations and others, Chhabra said.  

Ongoing attraction is different situation for automated remediation tools, arsenic good arsenic the complexity of astir tech stacks. 

"Today's IT is truthful afloat of heterogeneous exertion stacks that it is virtually intolerable for immoderate 1 remediation solution to enactment those all," helium said. 

Chhabra said that the automated remediation tools supply immense imaginable if tech leaders tin place the occupation aboveground and make collaboration amongst teams to code these issues proactively.

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