Olympics LIVE: Aussie shooter given rare honour

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We're utilized to seeing our athletes arsenic 1 of the archetypal cabs disconnected the fertile astatine opening ceremonies, but that won't beryllium the lawsuit tonight.

Countries specified arsenic the UAE, Great Britain and Yemen volition each travel retired earlier the Aussies. Why?

Although the ceremonial is being held successful alphabetical bid similar always, it's not successful English - it's successful the connection of the big nation.

In Japanese alphabetical order, Australia slips close down the pecking bid and volition march retired arsenic the 38th nation, with Greece of people being first, and Japan last.

The ceremonial starts astatine 8pm section clip (9pm AEST) and the athletes volition statesman marching astatine 8.30 (9.30 AEST).

Flagbearers Cate Campbell and Patrick Mills volition pb a squad of 63 into the stadium.

Australia's cook de ngo Ian Chesterman says he's delighted astatine the fig of athletes who volition beryllium taking part.

"We person ever prioritised show archetypal and the athletes recognize that. To march is simply a fantastic acquisition and that needs to beryllium balanced against the realities of mentation for competition.

"For galore it is simply not imaginable to instrumentality portion successful the Ceremony, but to person truthful galore march is wonderful."

As if Tokyo Olympics organisers didn't person capable to woody with, they are present bracing for Typhoon In-Fa and a tropical tempest which is projected to deed the eastbound seashore of Japan connected Sunday and could interaction sporting events.

Mixed reports person had varying predictions connected the strength of the storm, but it volition inactive supply plentifulness of headaches.

That puts each eyes connected the debut of surfing astatine the Olympics astatine Tsurigasaki Beach with the tempest hitting during the event's waiting period. Swells of up to 2 metres are predicted which is fantabulous quality for surfers with the conditions successful the lead-up disappointingly flat. Onshore north-easterly wings astatine 10-15 knots volition summation to 15-20 knots implicit the afternoon.

Typhoon In-fa is bearing down connected the confederate Japanese islands and has its oculus acceptable connected eastbound China by adjacent week. The tempest could bring highly dense rainfall totals to millions successful China and Taiwan.

And down In-fa, determination is simply a tropical menace for bluish and cardinal parts of Japan, which could perchance interaction the Olympic Games by aboriginal adjacent week.

Typhoon In-fa is presently located astir 320 kilometres from Okinawa and is starting to determination northwest. The storm's maximum winds are astatine 150 kph, from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC). In-fa has had flimsy weakening mid-week owed to adust air, frankincense weakening its thunderstorms, arsenic good arsenic somewhat cooler oversea aboveground temperatures. The bully quality is nary important strengthening of this tempest is expected due to the fact that of this; but it volition inactive beryllium a Category 2 equivalent hurricane impacting onshore successful the northwest Pacific Ocean. In-fa volition proceed to dilatory way successful the wide northwest absorption done Friday section clip with maximum winds astir 160 to 165 kph portion impacting Okinawa and different parts of the confederate Japanese islands.

In summation to the beardown winds, determination volition proceed to beryllium dense rain. The country successful and adjacent Miyakojima, Japan, volition beryllium successful the bull's-eye of the dense rain, with an further 500-plus millimetres of rainfall forecast.

On the heels of Typhoon In-fa is the imaginable for a caller tropical cyclone to signifier successful the occidental Pacific Ocean.

There are galore unknowns surrounding the forecast connected this adjacent tempest but the exemplary guidance for respective days has indicated a tropical tempest oregon typhoon hazard for bluish and cardinal portions of Japan astir Sunday oregon Monday. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center gives this country to ticker a mean accidental for imaginable tropical improvement successful the abbreviated term. At this time, dense rainfall and gusty winds are imaginable for eastbound cardinal Japan by aboriginal adjacent week, which could interrupt immoderate events astatine the Olympic Games successful Tokyo.

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