How to add a pre-made custom calendar to Outlook on the desktop

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Microsoft makes thousands of customized premade calendars disposable for Outlook, but to get to them you indispensable navigate done a database successful online Outlook. We amusement you how.


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Tracking each your assorted activities done the Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar is simply a bully mode to support things organized. However, to get a implicit representation of your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule, you volition person to person entree to galore calendars—business, personal, school, extracurricular activities, etc. Adding pre-made customized calendars is 1 mode to get each that scheduling accusation loaded into Outlook, but accomplishing that task requires an other step.

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Outlook online has had the quality to adhd customized and pre-made calendars for galore years but getting those calendars to show successful the desktop mentation of the bundle is not arsenic casual arsenic it should be. In its existent iteration, determination is nary evident mode to adhd customized pre-made calendars to Outlook connected the desktop. The instrumentality is to adhd those calendars to the online mentation of Outlook archetypal and past fto the calendars sync with the desktop version.

How to adhd a pre-made calendar to Outlook connected the desktop

Microsoft has partnered with galore organizations to marque their calendars disposable straight from the online mentation of Outlook. So, if you request the authoritative calendar of your children's school, it is apt already disposable successful the database of disposable calendars. Other desired calendars not listed whitethorn beryllium disposable straight from the organization's website.

To find customized pre-made calendars connected Microsoft's list, login to Outlook online and navigate to the calendar tab arsenic shown successful Figure A.

Figure A


In the left-hand navigation bar, you volition spot the Add Calendar link. Click it to beryllium taken to a listing of disposable customized pre-made calendars, arsenic shown successful Figure B. You whitethorn enactment your mode done the hierarchy of menus to find your calendar oregon you tin usage the hunt container to find it much directly.

Figure B


Notice that Outlook has an extended database of schools to take from listed by country codification and associated schoolhouse territory (Figure C). Looking up my zip code, I tin find the docket for precocious schools successful my area.

Figure C


If you are much funny successful keeping way of your favourite sports team, Outlook has each the large nonrecreational leagues available, arsenic you tin spot successful Figure D.

Figure D


Once you find your school, squad oregon TV show, click the checkbox to adhd the pre-made calendar to your database of calendars, arsenic shown successful Figure E. In my case, it was University of Louisville shot schedule.

Figure E


You tin usage the settings paper (…) to alteration the look and consciousness of your caller pre-made calendar to thing much due than the default settings.

Now, erstwhile you instrumentality to Outlook for the desktop, you volition find your caller calendar(s) listed successful the left-hand navigation bar, arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure F


Assuming the enactment keeps up with its obligations, erstwhile the docket changes, the calendar you are subscribed to volition alteration arsenic well. Therefore, you should ever person the astir up to day and close calendar displayed successful Outlook whether you are viewing it online oregon connected your desktop.

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