Cows have been potty-trained to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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Environment 13 September 2021

By Christa Lesté-Lasserre

Herd of cows

It turns retired that cows tin beryllium potty-trained

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Young cows person learned to urinate successful a dedicated “latrine” that whisks the discarded distant earlier it tin pollute waterways oregon trigger the merchandise of harmful gases.

Nitrates from livestock urine tin contaminate groundwater, potentially threatening quality health. What’s more, nitrous oxide that arises erstwhile livestock urine and faeces premix tin origin respiratory problems and lend to planetary warming.

By grooming cattle to void straight into a benignant of “cow toilet”, however, Lindsay Matthews astatine the University of Auckland successful New Zealand and his colleagues person perchance recovered a mode to support h2o and aerial cleaner, improving wellness and payment for some humans and animals.

Matthews’s squad taught 16 5-month-old Holstein heifers to usage a custom-built, plastic-grass-floored latrine erstwhile they felt the request to urinate, utilizing a three-step grooming process. First, the squad placed pairs of calves successful the latrine until they urinated; past gave them a dainty – either diluted molasses oregon barley – done an automatic dispenser and opened the exit door.

Next, the squad placed the calves successful a 2-metre-long alley adjacent to the latrine, which had a gross that the animals could propulsion unfastened successful bid to participate the latrine. When the heifers urinated wrong the latrine, they received the tasty treat, but if a calf urinated successful the alley, the squad activated a h2o sprinkler that sprayed it for 3 seconds – an acquisition thought to beryllium unpleasant for the animals. In the last step, the squad opened up the alleyway to signifier a wider enclosed abstraction for the cows to determination astir within. The calves continued to either get a either reward oregon a spraying depending connected whether oregon not they urinated successful the latrine.

Unlike humans and galore different animals, cows don’t people marque efforts to restrict discarded to a peculiar spot oregon to clasp their bladders, says Matthews. Even so, wrong 10 grooming sessions, 11 of the heifers were utilizing the latrine 77 per cent of the time. Their show topped that of quality toddlers learning to toilet train, helium says.

“It was fascinating however accelerated they learned,” helium says. “The mean was 20 urinations from opening to end. It was unbelievable.”

Nitrous oxide is overmuch little abundant than different greenhouse gases, but it is 300 times much potent than c dioxide and 10 times much truthful than methane, says Matthews. Inside barns, stagnant urine tin harm cows’ hooves, and the gases tin origin respiratory illness successful animals and humans.

Matthews says helium hopes an automated grooming strategy tin beryllium developed truthful that cattle farmers passim the satellite tin payment from the latrine system. “If we could find a cost-effective mode to bash it, we could person a pasture with mobile toilets,” helium says.

Journal reference: Current Biology, DOI: 10.1016/j.cub.2021.07.011

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