What Are The Benefits Of Investing In A Press Release?

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Business press release are the most important tool that you have in marketing your business. They can be used to generate leads, increase sales and get more media coverage for your company or product. A well-written business press release should include all of these elements:

What a Press Release is

A press release is a short, concise message about your business. It’s designed to be read by journalists and other members of the media. It’s not an advertisement; it's not a sales pitch; it's not even a blog post!

A good press release should include:

  • An introduction (or head) that briefly describes who you are, what you do and why people should care about your company or brand. This section should be no longer than one sentence long—and ideally no longer than two sentences at most!
  • A body paragraph with details about what happened in their news story/article/blog post where they used information from your press release (so they can verify it). You can also include links back here if necessary!
  • A signature line at the end which states “Source: XYZ Company Press Release."

What Should Appear in Your Press Release?

Your press release should contain the following information:

  • The date of your announcement.
  • The headline, which is the first thing that people read when they open your press release for business. It should be short and easy to read on a phone or tablet screen. You can use either bold or italics for this part of the text, although italics are more likely to stand out against dark backgrounds—and they work especially well with photographs! If you’re writing about something related to sports or entertainment, use an active verb like “won” or “starred” instead of passive ones like "was nominated."
  • The body paragraph(s) that follow up on those topics in greater detail (i.e., further explain how this event happened). This can include additional facts about who was involved in making these accomplishments happen (if there were many people involved), what kind of impact does it have on society/industry overall? etc... It also helps if you include keywords throughout these paragraphs as well - again so readers know what kind of article they'll find once they click through from reading this section alone; even though some companies won't want their name associated with any particular word here because maybe word choice doesn't reflect their brand identity perfectly yet! For example: "The company launched its new product line at their largest conference ever held last week."

How to Format Your Press Release

Now that you know how to write a press release, it's time to learn how much does press release cost

The first thing you want to include is the date and time of the release. This will help people find it later on when they are looking for information about your business or event.

You should also include the name of the person issuing this message as well as their title (if applicable). If there is more than one person responsible for handling media inquiries related to this topic, then each one should be listed separately so readers can identify them easily when reading through multiple releases in their inboxes every day throughout their work days or evenings after dinner with family members who live far away from where they grew up before moving back home during college years where they now live again with no kids yet since everyone else already has kids though none wanted theirs out there making noise all day long!

How to Submit Your Business Press Release for Publication

To submit your new company press release start by finding a news outlet that covers your industry. Then, find a contact person at that publication who can review and edit your press release before it goes out of print. Once you've found an outlet and have their contact information, send them the press release as is. Follow up with a phone call once they've reviewed your material (and if necessary) edited it further before sending it off again!

A business press release is the most important part of your marketing strategy if it’s done correctly and distributed properly.

A press release is a short, newsworthy announcement that you make to the media. It's written in the third person and should be written in a way that is interesting and appealing to the reader.

The best way to make sure your press release gets read is by writing it so it entices people to want more information on what you have done or how you can help them with their problems or needs. This will help ensure that anyone who reads your copy will want more information about what you offer as well as how they can benefit from working with your company.


Although where to publish press releases is a form of communication, it’s not always easy to write one. The good news is that your company is not alone in this! There are many resources out there that can help you write the perfect press release for your business. We hope this article has given you some ideas about what to include in your press release and how best to format it for publication. To learn more about how we can help create effective marketing strategies for your organization, contact us today!

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