Republican Governors Just Got Called Out Big Time For Killing People With COVID

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Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green (D) said that Republican governors are sidesplitting their constituents with COVID by discouraging vaccinations.


Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green calls retired Republican governors for sidesplitting their constituents, "I accidental shame connected those governors who are discouraging vaccinations. They are sidesplitting their constituents erstwhile they bash that."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 13, 2021

Lt. Gov. Green said connected MSNBC:

 What we are seeing, adjacent though we’re precise good vaccinated, we’re seeing a ton of cases in our hospitals, almost exclusively among those that are unvaccinated. 98% of our deaths are radical who are unvaccinated. My bosom breaks arsenic an emergency room doc erstwhile I spot that. We person to instrumentality the authorities out of this. We person to unite arsenic a country. I accidental shame connected those governors who are discouraging vaccination. They are sidesplitting their constituents erstwhile they bash that. That is not what we’re supposed to I commend Governor Beshear, who is warring the combat when he’s getting dragged into it politically. We person been vaccinating our children and ourselves throughout history. It’s the close happening to do, the safe things to do.

 The erstwhile medication set this up arsenic a governmental combat and that’s precise atrocious for America. In Hawaii, we person worked very hard time successful and time retired to get people vaccinated. We person tried to minimize the conflict. It’s not easy, due to the fact that you have the net and radical watching the incorrect quality stations which send retired each kinds of misinformation. This happening is beauteous darn harmless and it volition prevention lives. 

Donald Trump turned combating the pandemic into a governmental issue, and Republican governors are inactive pursuing his lead.

Republican governors are sidesplitting radical successful their states for what they presume volition beryllium a governmental vantage successful the 2022 election.

It is uncommon to perceive different elected officials talk with specified directness and clarity, but the occupation is obvious. By not encouraging vaccinations, Republicans are making the pandemic worse., and radical are dying truthful that the GOP tin possibly triumph a fewer much votes adjacent November.

Republican governors made vaccinations political, and it is costing radical their lives.

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