How to Vote in the California Recall

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Voters astatine  a polling halfway  successful  San Clemente, Calif., past  week.
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  • Sept. 13, 2021Updated 1:35 p.m. ET

More than 35 percent of California’s active, registered voters person already formed their ballots, and aboriginal voting is underway successful respective counties. If you missed the deadline to registry to ballot successful the callback election, don’t worry. You tin inactive registry connected Sept. 14.

Our Voter Guide has everything you request to cognize astir wherever to vote, however to crook successful your ballot and erstwhile we tin expect to cognize the results.

All registered and progressive California voters should person received a ballot by message successful the past fewer weeks. You tin message that ballot backmost oregon instrumentality it to a unafraid driblet container by 8 p.m. You tin way erstwhile your vote-by-mail ballot was mailed, received and counted astatine

Voters tin formed ballots successful idiosyncratic (you tin find early voting locations here.) until 8 p.m. Pacific erstwhile polls close.

You tin cheque whether you’re registered to ballot here. Visit the Secretary of State’s website to larn much astir aforesaid time elector registration.

So erstwhile volition we cognize the results? After Election Day, region predetermination officials person to implicit their enactment receiving and counting ballots, though we whitethorn person immoderate thought of the ballot by then, since astir 8 cardinal ballots person already been returned and galore much are expected to travel successful arsenic we get closer. Counties tin process aboriginal ballots and get them acceptable to count, but they cannot commencement tallying until the polls close.

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