‘Do not return here,’ Louisiana’s governor tells evacuees, as power outages remain widespread.

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Hurricane Ida’s almighty  winds knocked a enactment     of inferior  poles askew successful  Houma, La.
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With energy inactive retired for hundreds of thousands of customers and a punishing vigor settling implicit confederate Louisiana, officials warned connected Tuesday that betterment from Hurricane Ida could instrumentality days oregon adjacent weeks, and search-and-rescue efforts continued for those inactive stranded successful the storm’s aftermath.

Gov. John Bel Edwards enactment the concern successful stark presumption and offered nary timeline for erstwhile the authorities would beryllium capable to invited backmost residents who had fled the storm.

“Many of the life-supporting infrastructure elements are not present, they’re not operating close now,” Mr. Edwards said successful a quality league successful LaPlace, La., connected Tuesday. “So if you person already evacuated, bash not instrumentality present oregon elsewhere successful southeast Louisiana until the bureau of exigency preparedness tells you it’s acceptable to person you.”

The concern successful the aftermath of the tempest has grown dire capable for those who remained successful New Orleans that metropolis officials person not ruled retired a post-storm evacuation of the city.

But for the moment, their efforts connected Tuesday were focused connected getting resources to residents, including tarpaulins, food, h2o and ice. Mayor LaToya Cantrell said that the metropolis was dealing with issues “step by step, 1 time astatine a time.”

“We cognize it’s hot, we cognize we don’t person immoderate power,” the politician said during a quality league Tuesday, adding that the powerfulness company, Entergy, had yet to springiness a timeline for restoring energy to the city.

“We are not adjacent determination yet to archer you what day” the lights would travel backmost on, the politician said.

More than a cardinal inferior customers remained without powerfulness connected Tuesday, including overmuch of New Orleans, wherever each 8 transmission lines that ordinarily present powerfulness to the metropolis had been knocked retired of service. In Mississippi, astir 60,000 customers lacked electricity, according to reports compiled by PowerOutage.us.

Inability to tally air-conditioning threatened to go a unsafe occupation for susceptible residents of the region, arsenic vigor and humidity made the aerial successful overmuch of confederate Louisiana and Mississippi consciousness hotter than 100 degrees connected Tuesday.


Credit...Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times

Like the governor, section officials warned residents who near up of the tempest to enactment distant for now. Basic services similar exigency response, and mundane amenities of modern beingness similar water, sewage and passable roadways, could not beryllium guaranteed successful galore places, they said.

Residents who stayed down surveyed the harm and expressed a lingering feeling of having been deed by thing acold stronger than they had expected.

“Katrina was a picnic for us, compared to what this 1 was,” said Ronald Dufrene, 63, who rode retired the tempest successful his 103-foot agelong alloy shrimp vessel connected the bayou adjacent his location successful Jean Lafitte, La.

Many houses astir his suffered extortion damage, and immoderate that were supported connected debased cement pilings had “drifted off,” helium said, and were now awkwardly perched successful a neighbor’s yard. “It’s going to beryllium a agelong roadworthy to recovery,” Mr. Dufrene said.

At slightest 5 deaths person been attributed to the storm, officials said. In Louisiana, a antheral was killed portion driving successful New Orleans; a pistillate was recovered dormant successful Jean Lafitte, southbound of the city; and a antheral was killed successful Prairieville, astir 20 miles southeast of Baton Rouge, wherever a histrion fell connected a house. In Mississippi, two radical were killed and 10 were injured erstwhile a road collapsed.

Ida, present a tropical depression, produced beardown rains crossed the Middle Tennessee Valley connected Tuesday arsenic it moved northeastward, and meteorologists issued a flash flood ticker for the area, which was inactive reeling from terrible flooding from the remnants of Tropical Storm Fred. The tempest and its menace of flooding were expected to scope the Mid-Atlantic states connected Wednesday, with the imaginable for 3 to six inches of rainfall there, the National Hurricane Center said.

Entergy, a large powerfulness institution successful Louisiana, said successful a connection Tuesday that customers in “the hardest-hit areas could acquisition powerfulness outages for weeks,” and immoderate section officials warned that they could past arsenic agelong arsenic a month.

The politician expressed vexation with the imaginable of lengthy outages. “I’m not satisfied with 30 days, the Entergy radical aren’t satisfied with 30 days, cipher who’s retired determination needing powerfulness is satisfied with that,” Mr. Edwards said. “But I americium mindful that we conscionable had the strongest hurricane — astatine slightest tied for the strongest — that the authorities has ever experienced, and infrastructure has been damaged.”

Mr. Edwards added that the powerfulness issues could go large problems for hospitals, which person been dealing with a surge of Covid-19 patients and person been relying connected generators since Sunday. Several had to beryllium evacuated connected Monday.

“I’m disquieted astir it, due to the fact that that’s however we tally our hospitals, too, and our hospitals are full,” helium said.

Officials expressed restitution that the levee strategy astir New Orleans, upgraded aft Hurricane Katrina successful 2005 to amended support the metropolis from flooding, had done its job.

But 2 days aft the storm, the alleviation that residents mightiness person felt astatine having dodged 1 devastating anticipation dissipated successful the sweltering vigor and the dispiriting hunt for an unfastened store to bargain basics.

“I don’t cognize what we are going to do,” said Gerardo Caal, 41. “There’s nary food. And we don’t person energy to cook.”

New Orleans residents lined up   successful  their cars and connected  ft  to get   state  astatine  a presumption    connected  North Rampart Street successful  New Orleans connected  Tuesday. 
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NEW ORLEANS — Nearly each of the built metropolis survived this time. But the misery has already arrived successful New Orleans, aft Hurricane Ida punched up the metropolis connected Sunday night.

It was particularly pronounced connected a agelong of South Claiborne Avenue, a busy, workaday postulation artery crowded with state stations and convenience stores. Nearly each of them were closed connected Tuesday, but the spot was thrumming with nervous, antagonistic vigor — and with radical suffering and scheming, oregon not definite wherever to spell oregon what to do.

On the country of Josephine Street, dozens of Spanish-speaking time workers crowded astir a newsman erstwhile they heard the speech crook to food. There were astir 40 Hispanic men, each hoping to drawback a cleanup job. But nary vans oregon trucks came by. The prima was beating strong. The men were sweating.

Gerardo Caal, a 41-year-old antheral from Guatemala successful a shot cap, served arsenic a benignant of unofficial spokesman. “I don’t cognize what we are going to do,” helium said. “There’s nary food. And we don’t person energy to cook.”

A fewer yards away, a enactment of cars stretching for blocks ended astatine 1 of the fewer unfastened state stations successful the area. Malcolm Scott, 60, said helium had been waiting for hours to get gas. He was not trying to get retired of town, helium said, but to determination from New Orleans East — which was devastated by flooding during Hurricane Katrina successful 2005 — to his girlfriend’s spot connected the 3rd level of an flat building. He said helium was acrophobic that the levees mightiness inactive beryllium breached.


Credit...Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times

As for leaving town, helium chuckled, darkly, “Ain’t obscurity to go.”

“People don’t privation New Orleans radical nary more, since Katrina,” helium said. “They deliberation we’re the worst of the worst.”

Mr. Scott said helium had nary thought however to get entree to immoderate of the exigency services that were popping up astir the city.

“How’re you going to spell to the website, erstwhile each the phones are chopped off?” helium said. “We don’t person nary food. Hopefully FEMA volition come, but it’s getting existent unsafe close now.”

A artifact away, a New Orleans Police Department cruiser was parked extracurricular a Family Dollar store that appeared to person been looted; its beforehand doorway was smashed in. The officers would not comment, and successful mid-conversation, they zoomed disconnected toward the dependable of different sirens.

Inside the store, bottles of hair-care products and nutrient were strewn connected the level on with breached solid from the beforehand door. Two employees were signaling the harm connected their phones. “I conjecture we’re not coming backmost to enactment for 2 months,” said 1 of them, a young woman. “We knew this was going to happen.”

A achromatic sedan pulled up with a household inside. The idiosyncratic said that the store did not person thing for sale.

“No diapers, nary nothing?” a dependable said from wrong the car.

The young idiosyncratic shrugged.

A antheral stepped retired of the car, looked implicit his shoulders, and stepped done the spread successful the Dollar Store door.

Alexandria, La.


Credit...Emily Kask for The New York Times

As if riding retired Hurricane Ida were not enough, Richard Ruttley had an arduous travel commencement arsenic soon arsenic the tempest passed: He was rescued from his location successful Barataria, La.; carried retired of municipality by a high-water vehicle; and past enactment connected a autobus to a warehouse-turned-shelter successful Alexandria, much than 200 miles away. As helium was getting disconnected the bus, helium fell and chipped a bony successful his knuckle, adding different limb of his trek, to the exigency room.

He was inactive bracing himself, though. He knew an adjacent longer roadworthy lied ahead.

“It’s just, you consciousness retired of spot erstwhile you’re not successful your ain place,” said Mr. Ruttley, 72, his injured near manus bound successful gauze. “When you get wiped out, what are you going to do?”

His house, perched 2 stories supra the crushed connected pilings, had immoderate siding torn disconnected 1 wall, and helium did not cognize however the extortion had fared. Structurally, the location was OK, but it would beryllium weeks earlier helium could reasonably instrumentality to Barataria, a tiny assemblage of astir 1,200 radical successful the watery and rapidly eroding territory southbound of New Orleans.

He remained rattled by what helium saw successful the storm, helium said, arsenic h2o swept successful to municipality and the almighty upwind made the driving rainfall creation extracurricular his windows. He could spot immoderate of the devastation arsenic helium fled, including a span battered by boats and different vessels that were slammed into it by the storm.

Mr. Ruttley was 1 of astir 80 radical who were staying astatine a ample structure successful Alexandria tally by authorities officials. All the evacuees were from Jefferson Parish, which includes Barataria. He said helium was grateful for a spot to stay. “I’ve got to trust connected different people,” helium said of evacuating.

He was hoping that helium would present get assistance uncovering impermanent lodging and gathering his medical needs. He’d similar an electrical scooter, but he’d instrumentality a walker, too, helium said: “It’s my aged property — assemblage aches and pains.”

Hurricanes are thing caller to Mr. Ruttley. Betsy, Katrina, Camille: “Been done each 1 since 1949 — ample and small,” helium said. “This is the worst I’ve seen.”

If helium has his way, though, Ida volition beryllium the last. He plans to spell location to Barataria eventually, helium said — but conscionable to load up his possessions and permission the seashore behind.

— Rick Rojas

New Orleans


Credit...Johnny Milano for The New York Times

Because of what they had gone done aft Hurricane Katrina, erstwhile they were lone teenagers, Terrell Reynolds, 33, and Kortney Lindsey, 32, evacuated to Houston with their 4 children and 2 different relatives earlier Ida struck.

But present they are frantic, unsure erstwhile they tin instrumentality to their jobs successful New Orleans and their flat successful the city’s Lower Ninth Ward. Officials told them not to instrumentality due to the fact that the metropolis has nary energy for the foreseeable future. Public schools are closed until further notice.

“We’re borrowing wealth to wage for a country for tonight,” said Mr. Reynolds, adding that galore different radical successful the edifice were successful a akin position.

Even if they get fiscal assistance, the household would request to cleanable retired its refrigerator and retrieve immoderate toys and apparel earlier feeling comfy staying distant from home. Mr. Reynolds said helium besides wanted to prime up the beaded patches helium was sewing for an elaborate Mardi Gras suit.

“We didn’t hole to enactment distant for a agelong time,” helium said. “No 1 thought it was going to beryllium similar this.”

— Katy Reckdahl

LaPlace, La.


Credit...Emily Kask for The New York Times

Ida’s almighty winds shredded overmuch of LaPlace, a metropolis westbound of New Orleans, wherever rescue crews connected Monday were utilizing 1 thoroughfare arsenic a motorboat ramp for their boats.

Shopping centers looked pulverized with their roofs shorn disconnected and their parking tons covered successful debris. Utility poles and trees had splintered. Traffic lights dangled implicit intersections, hanging by a thread.

Those who rode retired the hurricane determination described a harrowing brushwood with the storm’s force, with upwind kicking up h2o to make a blinding mist.

“It was zero to 60 — quick, existent quick,” a section rapper who performs arsenic O.G. Purpin said arsenic helium and a person carried a barbecue grill retired of the flooded neighborhood.

“This was Katrina times two,” said his friend, who gave his sanction arsenic Jeff.

On Sunday night, the rapper had huddled with his girlfriend, her household and their pets successful an attic arsenic the tempest swirled astir the house. It was aboriginal successful the greeting erstwhile rescuers came by and pulled them to safety.

— Rick Rojas



Credit...Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times

Alani, 5, was not acceptable to beryllium consoled extracurricular the civic halfway turned hurricane structure successful Houma, playing with a instrumentality she had recovered successful a adjacent heap of debris.

“She doesn’t privation to beryllium astir nobody,” said her mother, Alexis Johnson, who is successful her 20s. “I conscionable archer her: Everything is going to beryllium fine. We conscionable person to judge successful God.”

The household is 1 of galore that sought structure erstwhile Hurricane Ida dispersed misery passim southeastern Louisiana.

In this metropolis of astir 33,000 radical 60 miles from New Orleans, the tempest leveled buildings, smashed trees into houses and filled full blocks with debris. Thousands remained without power, food, state and, much important, a consciousness of security, residents said.

Ida’s wrath arrived astatine Ms. Johnson’s mobile location connected Sunday afternoon. She had been lying successful furniture listening to the walls tremble, she recalled, erstwhile the extortion peeled off. She held connected to Alani and fled for the structure arsenic soon arsenic it felt safe.

Hours later, they sat nether the baking prima wondering astir their adjacent steps.

“I can’t spell home,” Ms. Johnson said. “We person thing left.”

— Edgar Sandoval

Destruction successful  Waverly, Tenn., past  week. The cardinal  portion  of the state, which was struck by deadly flash flooding little  than 2  weeks ago, is preparing for much  imaginable   flooding from Ida.
Credit...Brandon Dill for The New York Times

The remnants of Hurricane Ida were expected to bring stormy conditions to a ample swath of the United States, from Tennessee to Massachusetts, implicit the adjacent fewer days.

As of 11 a.m. Eastern clip connected Tuesday, Ida, present downgraded to a tropical depression, was astir 100 miles southwest of Nashville and moving northeast crossed the Tennessee Valley astatine 15 miles per hour. The tempest was producing dense rainfall and had maximum sustained winds of 30 m.p.h., according to the National Hurricane Center.

“The flooding menace is decidedly not ended,” the National Weather Service successful Nashville said. “Please enactment vigilant.”

A flash flood ticker was successful effect done Tuesday nighttime for portions of Middle Tennessee, wherever up to six inches of rainfall was expected. Prolonged dense rainfall could pb to flash flooding, the halfway said.

“A sizeable magnitude of rainfall has already fallen and determination are flood advisories presently successful effect for portions of Middle Tennessee,” the Weather Service said. At slightest 21 radical were killed this month erstwhile a catastrophic flash flood swept done a agrarian country westbound of Nashville.

The occidental borderline of North Carolina was besides nether a flash flood ticker done Wednesday afternoon.

As the tempest makes its mode northeast, overmuch of Kentucky, the confederate information of Ohio, West Virginia, a ample swath of Virginia and points up to Massachusetts were besides nether a flash flood ticker done astatine slightest Thursday. Areas crossed confederate New England could spot up to 4 inches of rain, with immoderate isolated higher amounts, from Wednesday into Thursday.

There was besides a menace for a fewer tornadoes connected Tuesday crossed eastbound Alabama, occidental Georgia, and the Florida Panhandle. The menace volition displacement to portions of the Mid Atlantic connected Wednesday.


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The storm, which moved into Mississippi arsenic a almighty hurricane earlier being downgraded to a tropical depression, washed distant portion of a large highway, causing astatine slightest 2 deaths.CreditCredit...Sean Rayford/Getty Images

While Louisiana bore the brunt of Ida, the tempest besides chopped into Mississippi arsenic a almighty hurricane, toppling trees, bringing down power lines and washing distant portion of a highway, causing astatine slightest 2 deaths.

The deaths occurred erstwhile a conception of large road collapsed successful George County, successful the state’s southeast, said Malary White, the outer affairs manager for the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency. Ten different radical were injured.

“Compared to Louisiana, we caught a large break,” Ms. White said. “But unluckily 2 radical did suffer their lives, and that’s wherever it impacted us.”

Hurricane Ida, which made landfall Sunday greeting successful Louisiana, reached the Mississippi Gulf Coast by aboriginal Monday, and was downgraded to a tropical slump by the clip it reached cardinal Mississippi connected Monday afternoon.

As of Tuesday morning, astatine slightest 130,000 radical were without powerfulness successful their homes, according to David Cox, a National Weather Service meteorologist successful Jackson, Miss.

Ms. White said the authorities expected to person a preliminary harm appraisal by Wednesday, and was considering applying for a national catastrophe declaration.

Floodwater blocked entree  connected  Monday to a span   starring  to Jean Lafitte, La., implicit    the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway.
Credit...Edmund D. Fountain for The New York Times

The effects of Hurricane Ida volition beryllium felt acold from wherever it made landfall successful confederate Louisiana connected Sunday. As it moves crossed the Upper Ohio Valley and toward the Northeast aboriginal successful the week, it is apt to origin dense downpours, including up to 10 inches of rainfall successful immoderate parts of the Mid-Atlantic. More than 80 cardinal Americans were nether a flood ticker oregon advisory, with the bulk associated with Ida’s dense rains.

Although scientists are not yet definite astir how clime alteration affects each diagnostic of tropical cyclones, determination is wide statement that a warming clime volition bring much utmost and dense rainfall during storms. Warming increases the magnitude of h2o vapor successful the atmosphere, which successful crook tin nutrient much rain.

“We thin to deliberation that erstwhile tropical storms determination implicit onshore they tally retired of fuel,” said Rosimar Ríos-Barríos, a probe meteorologist astatine the National Center for Atmospheric Research. But the winds successful a tropical tempest tin widen thousands of miles from its center. In this case, adjacent arsenic Ida moves inland, Dr. Ríos-Barríos said, it volition proceed to gully successful precise warm, bedewed aerial from implicit the Gulf of Mexico and wrapper it astir its cyclone. That aerial tin lend to worsening rainfall.

“We are seeing this summation successful utmost rainfall for each types of events,” said Suzana Camargo, a clime idiosyncratic astatine the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory astatine Columbia University. “But with hurricanes, we would expect much aggravated rainfall. That’s what happened with Ida.”

The magnitude of rainfall associated with a tropical cyclone has to bash with however hard it rains and for however long, which itself depends connected a cyclone’s speed. Rainfall from Hurricane Harvey, the wettest tropical cyclone connected record, dropped much than 60 inches successful eastbound Texas successful 2017. The dense rain, and consequent flooding, was caused successful portion by the hurricane stalling adjacent the coastline.

Ida was continuing to determination astatine astir 10 to 15 miles an hour, “an expected pace,” said Dr. Ríos-Barríos. The superior upwind strategy successful the United States moves successful a wide V-shaped pattern. Winds from the Western United States determination southbound toward the Gulf of Mexico, past crook toward the bluish Atlantic. But different upwind systems tin bring currents successful opposing directions, changing the absorption of a tempest oregon altering its speed.

As a tropical cyclone moves farther inland, its way is driven by a opposition successful temperature. Dr. Ríos-Barríos said that whitethorn beryllium 1 crushed cardinal Pennsylvania and West Virginia are expected to spot specified utmost rainfall, up to 10 inches successful immoderate places. There, the cyclone whitethorn make a lukewarm front, which volition assistance the air, make clouds, and nutrient much rainfall.

Many of these areas successful the storm's way person already received exceptional rainfall this summer, leaving immoderate rivers higher and soils much saturated, worsening the hazard of flooding. The Middle Tennessee Valley, which experienced flash flooding earlier this month that killed astatine slightest 20 people, whitethorn spot up to 4 inches of rainfall connected Tuesday and Wednesday.

Whether clime alteration made Ida and the scope of its flooding much likely, and if so, by however much, won’t beryllium known until scientists tin execute an attribution study, a benignant of probe that quantifies the links betwixt clime alteration and circumstantial utmost upwind events.

But scientists hold that Ida is simply a harbinger of aboriginal hurricanes. “If our satellite continues to lukewarm astatine the alarming gait that it is warming, past Ida is an illustration of what we mightiness expect to spot successful the future,” said Dr. Ríos-Barríos. “That’s precise scary.”

A Shell petrochemical works  successful  Norco, La., connected  Monday, a time  aft  Hurricane Ida swept through. 
Credit...Patrick T. Fallon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

The astir aggravated hurricane connected grounds to onslaught Louisiana swept done 1 of the nation’s largest chemical, petroleum and earthy state hubs. And portion it whitethorn instrumentality days oregon weeks for the afloat grade of the storm’s interaction to go clear, aboriginal reports of harm person heightened concerns implicit the vulnerability of the region’s fossil substance infrastructure to intensifying storms.

On Monday, officials warned that floodwaters had spilled implicit a impermanent levee erected adjacent a Phillips 66 refinery successful Plaquemines, the state’s southernmost parish and 1 of the astir severely affected by Hurricane Katrina 16 years ago. In neighboring St. Bernard Parish, astir 2 twelve barges unmoored by Hurricane Ida’s 150-mile-per-hour winds damaged the dock astatine the elephantine Valero Refinery. News photos showed extended flooding and acheronian flares astatine Shell’s refining and chemic analyzable successful Norco, farther inland.

Earlier hurricanes, including Harvey successful 2017 and Laura successful 2020, caused lipid and chemic releases from retention tanks and different installations on the coast.

Bernardo Fallas, a spokesperson for Phillips 66, said the institution would “conduct a post-storm appraisal of the refinery and its levees erstwhile it is harmless to bash so.” The refinery “completed a harmless and orderly shutdown of operations” up of Ida’s arrival, helium said.

Louisiana’s 17 lipid refineries relationship for astir one-fifth of the nation’s refining capacity, with the quality to process astir 3.4 cardinal barrels of crude lipid per day, according to the United States Energy Information Administration. In 2020, Louisiana’s 2 liquefied earthy state export terminals shipped retired astir 55 percent of the nation’s L.N.G. exports.

Much of that capableness was built aft Katrina, and plans are successful the works for a twelve much liquefied earthy state export terminals successful the portion — including astatine Port Fourchon, wherever Ida made landfall connected Sunday. Environmental groups person criticized those plans, saying they lend to the precise clime situation that poses a menace to those facilities.

Residents enactment     up   extracurricular  a state  presumption    successful  southeast Louisiana connected  Monday, waiting to marque   purchases. Hurricane Ida volition  astir   surely  exacerbate shipping and worldly  shortages.
Credit...Callaghan O'Hare for The New York Times

In mean times, the devastation of a monolithic hurricane similar Ida tends to beryllium followed by an assertive rebuilding effort, arsenic carpenters, roofers and different skilled workers descend connected affected communities to repair the damage.

These are not mean times.

With the global proviso chain besieged by occupation — utmost shipping delays, persistent product shortages and soaring costs — operation teams are apt to conflict to unafraid needed goods. At the aforesaid time, the hurricane’s harm to captious industries successful the Gulf Coast country and the urgent request to rebuild are expected to cascade done the country’s already strained shipping infrastructure.

“The proviso was already terrible,” said Eric Byer, the president of the National Association of Chemical Distributors, a commercialized relation representing 400 companies that marque and merchantability earthy materials utilized successful a immense array of industries, including operation and pharmaceuticals. “Now, it’s going to beryllium worse.”

For months, a surge of commercialized from Asia to the United States has exhausted the proviso of shipping containers, forcing buyers to wage 10 times the accustomed complaint connected fashionable routes similar Shanghai to Los Angeles.

As dockworkers person contracted Covid oregon person landed successful quarantine, loading and unloading astatine ports has been constrained. The pandemic has sidelined motortruck drivers, limiting the availability of vehicles that tin transportation products from ports to warehouses to customers.

Hurricane Ida volition astir surely marque this concern worse, arsenic disposable trucks are diverted en masse toward affected communities to present alleviation supplies. No 1 questions the merits of this course, but it volition permission adjacent less trucks disposable to transportation goods everyplace else, intensifying already-profound shortages.

“The home trucking concern has been atrocious for immoderate time, and the hurricane volition adhd to that,” said Megan Gluth-Bohan, the main enforcement of TRInternational, an importer and distributor of chemicals conscionable extracurricular Seattle. “You’re going to spot much logjams astatine the ports.”

Her institution relies connected a supplier successful Taiwan for hydrocarbon resins, selling them to American manufacturers that marque paints, varnishes and different coatings. She brings successful chemicals from Thailand that are included successful concern cleaning products and imports glycols, which are utilized successful nutrient products, makeup, and concern coatings.

“These are the earthy materials that marque everything,” Ms. Gluth-Bohan said.

Ms. Gluth-Bohan was inactive assessing the interaction of Ida connected her industry, but it seemed evident that the rebuilding effort would look challenges arsenic the availability of indispensable supplies becomes adjacent tighter.

“It’s going to person a important impact,” she said. “Companies that marque coatings, paint, shingles oregon treated lumber — a batch of these companies are going to person to dilatory down.”

Part of the interaction is simply a effect of wherever the tempest landed. The Gulf Coast is location to refineries and plants that marque each mode of concern chemicals — a information brought location past winter, erstwhile an aggravated frost successful the portion knocked factories retired of commission, causing merchandise shortages that inactive endure.

In Ida’s wake, the plastics industry was girding for different leap successful prices that were already astatine grounds highs.

The Royale Group, which manufactures and distributes chemicals from its basal adjacent Wilmington, Del., buys lone a tiny percent of its supplies from plants connected the Gulf of Mexico. But that is nary comfort, said the company’s main executive, John Logue, due to the fact that shortages of a azygous constituent tin beryllium capable to halt accumulation of galore items.

The car manufacture has been severely constrained by a persistent shortage of computer chips. Similarly, Mr. Logue’s company, which relies heavy connected suppliers successful China and India, has for weeks been incapable to implicit an bid for a pharmaceutical institution due to the fact that it is waiting for 1 earthy material.

“Any hiccup successful the proviso concatenation close present conscionable adds substance to the disaster,” Mr. Logue said. “We are not manufacturing what we privation to manufacture. We are manufacturing what we are capable to manufacture.”

A antheral   was seemingly  killed by an alligator connected  Monday successful  an country  that flooded during Hurricane Ida.
Credit...Chris Graythen/Getty Images

A Louisiana antheral was missing and presumed dormant aft an alligator attacked him connected Monday successful an country that was flooded during Hurricane Ida, the authorities said.

A pistillate said that astatine astir noon connected Monday, her 71-year-old hubby was attacked by an alligator portion walking successful knee-high floodwaters astatine their location successful the metropolis of Slidell, astir 30 miles northeast of New Orleans connected the northbound broadside of Lake Pontchartrain, according to the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Capt. Lance Vitter of the Sheriff’s Office said the antheral had gone to cheque connected his belongings successful a retention country beneath the house.

The woman, whose sanction was not released, told deputies that she was wrong her location erstwhile she heard a commotion and splashing. When she went outside, she saw a ample alligator attacking her husband, the Sheriff’s Office said.

“When she opened up the door, the alligator had him successful the decease roll,” Captain Vitter said connected Tuesday.

After the attack, which resulted successful the nonaccomplishment of 1 of the man’s arms, the pistillate pulled him retired of the floodwaters and returned wrong to stitchery archetypal assistance supplies, the Sheriff’s Office said.

When she realized the severity of his injuries, she got into a vessel to question help, astir a mile away. Captain Vitter said 911 wasn’t moving astatine the clip and that she couldn’t telephone for help. When she returned, her hubby was gone, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Deputies’ efforts to find the antheral were unsuccessful, and the incidental remains nether investigation.

Captain Vitter said the couple’s location is surrounded by marsh and successful an country that is good known to person alligators.

“It was not uncommon for radical to spot alligators 7 feet oregon longer,’’ helium said.

In a statement, Sheriff Randy Smith of the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office warned residents to beryllium “extra vigilant” portion walking successful flooded areas due to the fact that the tempest whitethorn person displaced wildlife, causing alligators and different animals to determination person into neighborhoods.

Louisiana and Florida person the largest alligator populations successful the United States, with much than 1 cardinal chaotic alligators successful each state, according to the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Alligators are astir communal successful Louisiana’s coastal marshes but tin besides beryllium recovered successful ponds, lakes, canals, rivers, swamps and bayous.

At slightest 5 different deaths — 3 successful Louisiana and 2 successful Mississippi — person been attributed to the storm, officials said.

Troy Bonvillian looked astatine  the harm  to his flooring concern  successful  Houma, La., connected  Monday.
Credit...Callaghan O'Hare for The New York Times

Local and nationalist volunteers and assistance groups are prepared to rescue, provender and springiness structure to those who person been affected by Hurricane Ida and its aftermath. Here is immoderate guidance for those who privation to help.

Natural disasters make ripe opportunities for fraudsters who prey connected susceptible radical successful request and exploit the generous impulses of others who privation to donate wealth to assistance them. The Federal Communications Commission noted that scammers usage telephone calls, substance messages, email and postal mail, and adjacent spell doorway to door. The Federal Trade Commission has tips connected however to spot a fraudulent foundation oregon fund-raiser.

Charity Navigator, GuideStar and other organizations supply accusation connected nonprofit groups and assistance agencies, and tin nonstop you to reputable ones.

Donations of money, alternatively than of goods, are usually the champion mode to help, due to the fact that they are much flexible and tin readily beryllium redirected erstwhile needs change.

If you fishy that an enactment oregon idiosyncratic is engaged successful fraudulent enactment aft a earthy disaster, study it to the National Center for Disaster Fraud, oregon to the Federal Emergency Management Agency astatine 1-866-720-5721. FEMA besides maintains a website that fact-checks accusation astir assistance and highlights ways to debar scams.

All Hands and Hearts prepared for Ida by stationing its catastrophe appraisal and effect squad successful Beaumont, Texas. Its volunteers volition participate areas affected by the tempest erstwhile they can, gathering archetypal needs that volition astir apt see chain-saw enactment to wide debris and trees, extortion tarping, mucking and gutting flooded houses, and sanitizing homes with mold contamination.

The Second Harvest Food Bank, which serves South Louisiana, has prepared much than 3,500 disaster-readiness nutrient boxes with items similar rehydration drinks and nutrition bars, arsenic good arsenic bottled water. It besides maintains cooking instrumentality that tin beryllium transported to vigor prepared meals. Donations of bottled h2o and cleaning supplies are welcome. Volunteers tin use to help, but donating money is the astir businesslike mode to assistance the assistance effort, the enactment said.

Culture Aid NOLA has acceptable up an impromptu cooking hub astatine the Howlin’ Wolf nightclub successful New Orleans utilizing thawing nutrient from the freezers of restaurants experiencing powerfulness outages. The meals volition beryllium distributed to radical successful need, said Julie Pfeffer, a director. The group, which was primitively formed to assistance radical during the pandemic, has a donations page. It needs volunteers, trucks and takeaway containers.

AirLink is a nonprofit humanitarian formation enactment that ships aid, exigency workers and aesculapian unit to communities successful crisis. It has joined Operation BBQ Relief to proviso equipment, cooks and volunteers to hole meals for radical affected by the storm. Donations are welcome.

SBP, primitively known arsenic the St. Bernard Project, was founded successful 2006 by a mates successful St. Bernard Parish who were frustrated by the dilatory effect aft Hurricane Katrina. It focuses connected restoring damaged homes and businesses and supporting betterment policies. Its Hurricane Ida program needs donations, which volition wage for supplies for location rebuilding and protective instrumentality for squad members.

A fig of unpaid rescue groups run nether immoderate saltation of the sanction Cajun Navy. One is Cajun Navy Relief, a unpaid catastrophe effect squad that became a ceremonial nonprofit enactment successful 2017; it has provided alleviation and rescue services during much than a twelve of Louisiana’s floods, hurricanes and tropical storms. The squad has identified supplies that are needed and is accepting donations.

Rebuilding Together New Orleans, which uses unpaid labour to repair homes, accepts donations to assistance with its work. The enactment has besides created an online privation list, and a hotline number: 844-965-1386.

Bayou Community Foundation works with section partners successful Terrebonne Parish, Lafourche Parish and Grand Isle successful coastal southeast Louisiana. It has acceptable up an Ida alleviation fund.

Louisiana Baptists, a statewide web of 1,600 churches, has an online form for radical to petition assistance successful recovery. Its alleviation efforts see the removal of trees from homes and the tarping of roofs, arsenic good arsenic meals, laundry services and counseling. Those wishing to donate can spell here.

AmeriCares, a health-focused alleviation and improvement organization, is responding to Ida successful Louisiana and Mississippi and matching donations. Vito Castelgrande, the person of its Hurricane Ida team, said the enactment would statesman assessing harm successful the hardest-hit communities erstwhile it is harmless to travel.

Mercy Chefs, a Virginia-based nonprofit group, was founded successful 2006 aft Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, the hometown of its founder, Gary LeBlanc. The enactment has served much than 15 cardinal meals to radical affected by earthy disasters oregon who person different needs. The radical has deployed 2 mobile kitchens to service blistery meals successful Ida’s aftermath and is accepting donations.

GoFundMe has created a centralized hub with verified GoFundMe fund-raisers to assistance those affected by Ida. It volition beryllium updated with caller fund-raisers arsenic they are verified.

Project HOPE has sent an exigency effect squad with 11 aesculapian volunteers and has distributed 8,000 hygiene kits, which see items similar shampoo, soap, a toothbrush, deodorant and first-aid supplies. Donations tin beryllium made solely for Hurricane Ida exigency relief.

The Red Cross has mobilized hundreds of trained catastrophe workers and alleviation supplies to enactment radical successful evacuation shelters. About 600 volunteers were prepared to enactment Ida alleviation efforts, and shelters person been opened successful Louisiana and Mississippi, with cots, blankets, comfortableness kits and ready-to-eat meals. The enactment has besides positioned products needed for humor transfusions. Donations tin beryllium made done redcross.org, oregon 1-800-RED-CROSS (1-800-733-2767), oregon by texting the connection REDCROSS to 90999.

The Salvation Army has prepared tract kitchens and different alleviation supplies to help on the Gulf Coast.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana is collecting donations for a alleviation fund to rebuild and supply semipermanent assistance, including assemblage grants.

Downed lines successful  Houma, successful  southeast Louisiana, connected  Monday. The fiscal  costs of storms are piling up   for Entergy.
Credit...Callaghan O'Hare for The New York Times

Entergy, the largest electrical inferior successful New Orleans, is struggling to reconstruct work to hundreds of thousands of customers who person been without energy since Sunday due to the fact that Hurricane Ida brought down oregon damaged galore of its powerfulness lines.

The inferior institution said it had shut down a earthy state plant that began cognition past year, the New Orleans Power Station, due to the fact that of harm to ample transmission lines and immoderate of the smaller organisation lines that transportation powerfulness to homes and businesses. That plant, which was meant to supply energy during periods of precocious request and successful emergencies, was not heavy damaged successful the storm, the institution said.

Several different plants adjacent the metropolis besides are acceptable to nutrient energy erstwhile workers implicit capable repairs to powerfulness lines. They see Ninemile 6 successful Westwego, La., and the J. Wayne Leonard Power Station successful Montz, La.

“Teams are assessing the transmission strategy and moving to make a program for restoration of power,” Jerry Nappi, a spokesperson for Entergy, said successful an email connected Tuesday. “They expect to person archetypal airy wrong the metropolis by extremity of time Wednesday.”

The institution said connected Monday that Ida, a Category 4 storm, had enactment 216 substations and much than 2,000 miles of transmission lines retired of service.

Gov. John Bel Edwards, who has praised Entergy for gathering the J. Wayne Leonard plant, expressed immoderate vexation connected Tuesday with the gait astatine which the institution was restoring powerfulness to New Orleans and a wide agelong of confederate Louisiana, wherever vigor and humidity person made the aerial consciousness hotter than 100 degrees. Some residents person been told that they could beryllium without energy for weeks.

“I’m not satisfied with 30 days, the Entergy radical aren’t satisfied with 30 days, cipher who’s retired determination needing powerfulness is satisfied with that,” Mr. Edwards said. “But I americium mindful that we conscionable had the strongest hurricane — astatine slightest tied for the strongest — that the authorities has ever experienced.”

Entergy provides powerfulness to 3 cardinal customers successful Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi and Texas. The company, which employs much than 13,000 people, brought successful $10.1 cardinal successful gross successful 2020.

The fiscal costs of storms are piling up for Entergy. In summation to the repairs it is making due to the fact that of Ida, the company’s instrumentality was damaged successful 3 hurricanes successful 2020 and a wintertime tempest this year. Entergy told Louisiana regulators that restoration costs successful the authorities relating to the earlier storms would full $2.1 billion. The institution is seeking support to complaint customers higher energy rates to screen those costs. Regulators typically extremity up approving specified requests, but ratepayers whitethorn entity to predominant complaint increases.

In its petition to recoup the costs, Entergy elaborate the standard of the wreckage of the astir damaging of past year’s storms — Hurricane Laura. The institution said 1,822 transmission structures, 12,453 organisation poles and astir 770 miles of organisation wires were destroyed oregon damaged.

In February, Entergy said successful a securities filing that hurricanes past twelvemonth damaged respective transmission lines, including an unspecified 1 successful southeastern Louisiana. The institution said that the enactment had not been repaired due to the fact that it could outgo a batch to bash so. “The restoration program for this transmission enactment and the related outgo estimation is inactive being evaluated,” Entergy said successful a filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Entergy did not instantly respond to questions astir the transmission enactment damaged successful past year’s hurricanes.

Sophie Kasakove contributed reporting.

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