Best of Barron’s: Retiring on Dividends, ‘the 4% Rule,’ and the ‘529’ Loophole

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Barron’s Retirement is connected summertime vacation, but we can’t halt reasoning astir status redeeming and planning. Each week we effort to present topical, useful, and applicable quality and proposal to pass your reasoning oregon supply guidance connected however to execute a strategy. Not each nonfiction oregon file is simply a hit, but these 10 were.

Here are our apical stories from the archetypal fractional of the twelvemonth (with a related bonus): 

The Originator of the 4% Retirement Rule Thinks It’s Off the Mark. He Says It Now Could Be Up to 4.5%.

In 1994, William Bengen said retirees should commencement retired withdrawing 4% of their assets annually and summation the organisation each twelvemonth by the ostentation rate. In 2021, he’s saying the regularisation needs immoderate refinement  

A Retirement Saver’s Guide to Cutting the Cord: Navigating the Options and the Costs

The older Americans who would payment astir from freeing up immoderate currency by cutting the cord are among the slightest apt to fto spell of accepted TV services. We assistance the fearful with the process. 

Want to Save More? Tap Some Funds Early? Here Are 3 Retirement Savings Tricks.

Individual status accounts and 401(k)s tin connection savers the flexibility to retreat funds penalty-free earlier property 59½ oregon bolster savings, among different under-the-radar moves 

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Barron’s brings status readying and proposal to you successful a play wrap-up of our articles astir preparing for beingness aft work.

Three-Fund Portfolios Can Cut Risk, Taxes, and Costs for Investors. Here’s How to Build One. 

Retirement savers looking for simplicity, and little volatility, should see the less-is-more strategy. Many successful the Bogleheads capitalist assemblage excavation it. 

How a Cash Stash Can Help Retirees Keep Peace of Mind, if Not Portfolio

While galore fiscal pros accidental determination are amended ways for risk-averse investors to negociate volatility, proponents accidental cash-bucketing strategies tin support savers from bailing retired astatine marketplace lows.

Yes, You Can Retire connected Dividends. Here’s How.

The conception of utilizing dividends for status income has plentifulness of appeal, with yields connected galore accepted income investments adjacent historical lows and individuals progressively connected the hook for their post-career income.

6 Tips for Managing Your 401(k) Like a Pro

If you enactment successful a small clip and effort into managing your 401(k), advisors say, you tin bounds expenses, bolster returns, and minimize aboriginal taxes.

Older Americans Are Turning to Pot for Help With Ailments. Here’s What to Know.

Today’s marijuana is much potent than it was erstwhile galore seniors were younger, making it a situation to get dosing close erstwhile self-medicating.

A Loophole Makes ‘529’ Plans Good Wealth Transfer Tools. Here’s How to Use Them.

Looking for a mode to transportation wealthiness to the adjacent procreation but inactive privation the enactment of yanking it backmost if you alteration your mind? Consider a “529” education-savings plan, fiscal pros say.

Get a Job successful Retirement. It’ll Help Your Wealth—and Your Health.

Part-time enactment tin let retirement-age investors to clasp disconnected drafting down status portfolios. And wellness experts accidental that maintaining societal connections and staying physically progressive helps dilatory aging.

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