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Ohio coronavirus protests, when quarantine ends, cases by county, Kentucky testing

“We need to get the economy open, even if that means social distancing of some sort for months to come,“ Sen. Andrew Brenner, R-Delaware, wrote in a Facebook post. ”We can’t stay like this much longer, and the hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who’ve lost their jobs or the thousands of small business owners can’t keep doing this either, or their lives will be Columbus News irreparably destroyed.“

At the same time, President Donald Trump contended it’s up to him, not governors like DeWine, to establish a timeline to re-open the country.

Around 100 protesters gathered outside the Statehouse during Dewine's appearance, at least one wearing a Donald Trump hat while many carried signs expressing displeasure at the stay-at-home order or waved American flags.

Kevin Farmer of Cincinnati climbed to the top of the Press Release Distribution Services In Columbus Statehouse steps with his bullhorn to lead the protesters in a series of chants.

"Some say that we're actually causing havoc or putting lives in danger right now – but actually they're putting my livelihood in danger and others because we're laid off during this pandemic," Farmer said to the crowd.

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