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Man, woman seriously injured after shooting on the near east side of Columbus, suspect arrested

President of Discount Fashion Warehouse, Jeff Bradshaw, said it's disheartening that someone would break in while they are closed.
"It's very disheartening that people are taking advantage of downtime for businesses that obviously we're following the mandate issued by Governor Mike DeWine closing our retail stores," Bradshaw said.
Bradshaw said someone broke into one of their stores around 3 a.m. on March 27. The break-in happened at the Great Western, North Wilson Road location.
He believes the person was trying to figure out how to break open the back dock door before the incident. He told us the person caused some damage to the dock door and was able to finally pry it open.
Bradshaw said the act was caught on their security cameras, which they have placed all over their buildings.
In the video, the person can be seen dragging out merchandise, as well as taking clothes from racks that were in a back stock room.
Bradshow said that security has always been a top priority, especially when it comes to the safety of his employees and customers. However, he said with their businesses temporarily closed and other businesses closed under the Governor's orders, he has a message for the community.
"It's common decency, you know these are trying times and this is especially low if you're trying to take advantage of the situation," Bradshaw said.

We spoke with Sgt. James Fuqua with the Columbus Division of Police who said once businesses slowly started to close because of coronavirus, they had a plan ready to go.
"We have re-implemented our resources into areas where we know that is not as active to help prevent the spread of burglaries or any break-ins," Sgt. Fuqua said.
He said every incident, every break-in, is different but he does have advice for business owners when it comes to staying prepared.
"If you have the ability to have an alarm system, definitely ave an alarm system and have it monitored," Sgt. Fuqua said.
He said, in addition, to have an alarm system, make sure all of the key holder information is up-to-date and accurate.
"It is important in the unfortunate event if your business is broken into when officers respond we have accurate information as to who we need to contact for the key holder so we can get into the business and check to make sure it's safe," Sgt. Fuqua said.
He also suggests leaving the lights on, internally and externally.
"If you own a business definitely keep as many exterior lights on all the points of entry as possible because the last thing that any burglar wants is to be noticed by the light," Sgt. Fuqua said.
Lastly, he suggests checking on the store often or driving by while it is closed, especially during late hours.
The president of Discount Fashion Warehouse is offering a reward to anyone who has information about the break-in.
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