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Georgia reports more than 4,100 coronavirus cases

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The Georgia Department of Public Health at 7 p.m Tuesday confirmed 4,117 cases of COVID-19 in the state, up by 300 from the last Columbus News update at noon Tuesday.

Statewide, 125 people have now died from the novel coronavirus, an increase of 17 confirmed deaths since noon.

The Georgia Public Health Laboratory and private labs had conducted a total of 16,181 COVID-19 tests. The state has tested 1,921 people. Private labs have tested 14,260 state officials said.

The state health department reports 885 people have been Press Release Distribution Services hospitalized due to the virus.

State health officials have not provided a breakdown of the residents tested for COVID-19 in each county. The state is also not tracking the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19.

For 183 cases, the state is reporting the counties as “unknown.” The person may be homeless or medical professionals may not have entered the person’s county of residence into the state’s electronic database, health officials have previously said.

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